Month: December 2013

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

This won’t be much of a post, as currently I’m about to go back from a lunch break, but after a tumultuous term of technically tedious tutelage, I’ve got about a month of schoollessness before I start my adult degree program in earnest. I’m planning on writing more during this next month, and hopefully the workload coming through the following months of school won’t be so overbearing that I’m unable to keep up with a modicum of blogging throughout the experience. (I think it was the algebra that about did me in–my entire pass/fail is depending on how I did on the final, since it was 40% of my grade, and while I feel good about how I did on it, this is the closest I’ve come to failing a class since my first go around in college–I’m realizing I didn’t care about failing because my dad was footing the bill, this term had me a little freaked out.

So be on the lookout–I’m back on the blog!