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Poetry Corner – My Dog is Not a Winter Dog

Anyone who knows me knows that poetry is not my strong suit. In fact, I think the last time that I wrote anything even remotely poetic was in high school, when we studied limericks. Well, actually, thinking about it, I did write “The stalker’s valentine” as a joke for a classmate freshman year of college, when some random guy she barely knew gave her flowers on Valentine’s day, but there’s really nothing poetic about making “Roses are red” inherently creepy. However, this evening, as the rain beat down on myself and my little waterlogged dachshund, who seemed incapable of doing his business, I was struck by a moment of sheer insanity brilliance and corniness artistic  fluidity. So without further ado, I give you my first crack at poetry in over a decade.


My Dog is Not a Winter Dog

My dog is not a winter dog,

He does not like the rain,

Nor does he like the bitter cold,

For which he shows disdain,


When time to go outside it is,

He shoots me puzzled looks,

“I did not sign up for this mess,

It was not on the books.”


In spite of this, he takes his time,

Whilst doing his foul chore,

“This spot right here just isn’t right,

I think I’ll sniff some more.”


Born in May, raised in June,

He came home in July,

But for the winter weather months,

He wishes they would fly,


Alas, poor pupper, sopping wet,

Shivering, soaked to bone,

Just do your dirty business, sir,

After which, we’re home.