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I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

This won’t be much of a post, as currently I’m about to go back from a lunch break, but after a tumultuous term of technically tedious tutelage, I’ve got about a month of schoollessness before I start my adult degree program in earnest. I’m planning on writing more during this next month, and hopefully the workload coming through the following months of school won’t be so overbearing that I’m unable to keep up with a modicum of blogging throughout the experience. (I think it was the algebra that about did me in–my entire pass/fail is depending on how I did on the final, since it was 40% of my grade, and while I feel good about how I did on it, this is the closest I’ve come to failing a class since my first go around in college–I’m realizing I didn’t care about failing because my dad was footing the bill, this term had me a little freaked out.

So be on the lookout–I’m back on the blog!

Wanna Bet?

In the immortal words of Betty White… “What you will be, you will be.”

Welcome to the

Wiener dogs have a gift. We have amazing powers to predict the future. For example, I know whenever Ralph gets a bowl of popcorn that he’s going to share. I know whenever he relaxes on the couch, he’s going to make room for me. I know whenever I hear water running and he tries to act nonchalant (pretty good word for a dog, huh?) that I’m about to get a bath. I won’t tell you how I know that it’s time for me to go to the vet, but trust me, I KNOW!

Here’s an example of how I always know the outcome of things…

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Almost there…

Hello, dear readers!

I’m just over halfway through my brief academic sabbatical from blogging – Things are going well at this point, though with three classes on my plate it’s felt a little overbearing at times. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1) It takes me 45 minutes to write 1500 words when writing about myself.

2) It takes me 2 1/2 hours to write 500 words when writing about a country in the Middle East.

3) It takes me 10 minutes to finish Personal Finance homework.

4) I do a lot of bad things when I write. A LOT of bad things. I apologize to you for that, dear reader, and on William Zinsser’s grave, I swear to you, I will do better.

5) William Zinsser’s actually not dead, so I can’t really swear on his grave. How about on a copy of “On Writing Well”?

6) I may or may not have just accidentally started an internet rumor that William Zinsser died. Whoops.

I should be returning once my Geography of the Middle East course is completed, which should be in a couple of weeks here. That’s really what’s bogging me down most right now.

In the mean time, enjoy this snippet from “Jeeves and Wooster”.


Dear readers…

It may be of note that for the next three or four weeks, the majority of my writing capacity is going to be dedicated to writing for school, as I have just started one writing intensive geography class and will be starting another writing class come Monday. I will not be as consistent for that period, but I will write when I can.

In the mean time, Mahler says hello.